Effective Interlock Devices and Installation Services

Interlock Devices for the Detection of Alcohol and Marijuana Use

J & M Motorsports also offers discreet interlock device installation in our safe and comfortable environment for the detection of alcohol or marijuana use before getting behind the wheel. The Alcohol Detection System (ADS) is known as The Determinator™ and is a state-of-the-art vehicle safety alcohol interlock device. The Determinator™ analyzes a driver's blood alcohol content to determine whether you are safely within the legal limits to be able to operate your vehicle.

How Do Interlock Devices Work?

When your key is turned in your ignition, a voice will prompt you to provide a breath sample. You will then have approximately 60 seconds to provide a deep lung breath sample. This breath sample will then provide the interlock device with a sample of alveolar air from the bottom of your lungs.

Sample testing requires about 8 - 10 seconds and, after the test is completed, a voice will advise you to start the car or let you know a positive sample will prevent the car from starting. To also help discourage other people from providing breath samples, The Determinator™ also asks for periodic retests at random intervals. It is also important to know that providing a breath sample for another driver is a violation of the law whenever an ignition interlock system has been mandated by the courts.
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