Convenient Dyno Jet Service Options

See Our Dynojet 248 In-Ground Chassis Dynamometer

At J & M Motorsports, our Dynojet 248 in-ground chassis dynamometer allows us to create realistic driving environments that can assist our team with vehicle tuning and diagnostic services. Dynos are commonly used to measure and adjust key engine and transmission systems, and with tuning, we can adjust and maximize certain vehicle features like fuel mileage, transmission performance and horsepower gains.

Tuning is an essential service for any high-performance vehicle and without precise ECU, carburetor and distributor tuning, you run the risk of decreasing your vehicle's day-to-day performance.

Safety, Efficiency and Accuracy

Our technicians can accurately test and tune your vehicle without having to test it at unsafe and illegal speeds. A number of automotive performance tests consist of running vehicles at high speeds, but thankfully, many of those conditions can be replicated by our chassis dynamometer. While this may not be the ideal option for race cars, chassis dyno testing and tuning can also be used to complement typical track testing procedures.

Chassis dynamometers also offer our automotive technicians a platform in which we can test, evaluate and tune a vehicle in a relatively short amount of time. Modern chassis dynamometers such as ours use cutting-edge software technology for more accurate, efficient and repeatable testing possibilities.

Baseline and Successive Testing

If you're an automotive enthusiast hoping to improve your vehicle performance, you can use a chassis dyno to determine your vehicle's baseline performance before any modifications are made. After the necessary modifications are performed, successive dyno tests can be done to further evaluate the effectiveness of the modifications.

More Useful Information about Diagnosis

Sometimes symptoms of vehicular problems are only present when driving your vehicle at specific speeds, RPMs or in particular gears. A chassis dyno can assist technicians by simulating identical conditions so that the symptoms become apparent while the vehicle is driven on the street and within the legal speed limits.

Our Dyno Jet Model 248 Houses:

  • Measures up to 2000 horsepower and 200 mph
  • Software and hardware to interface
  • Ignition wire inductive tachometer pickup leads
  • Air-actuated brake system
  • Automatic conditions measurements, including absolute pressure, air temperature and more
J & M Motorsports also offers helpful daily dyno rental options to help you save money and use the dyno for your club or event. If you're interested in dyno rental opportunities, please contact us today for additional information.
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